Call Center Consolidation Consulting

Consolidation & Centralization

Our call/contact center consolidation service offering focuses on consolidating and/or centralizing multiple sites, queues or offices either physically or virtually. The purpose of this effort is two-old: to improve the customer experience and realize cost efficiencies.

The customer experience can be enhanced in two ways. First, by improving service levels through economies of scale without increasing staff. Second, by increasing consistency in service delivery through standardized service policies.

Cost efficiencies can be achieved through economies of scale that increase the utilization of shared services staffing, management, support, technology, and facilities.

Our contact center consulting services and expertise include:

  • Gathering and analyzing data from each center using a proprietary data template.
  • Analyzing the business process and/or contact types for synergies and differences among centers.
  • Leveraging and calculating cost savings for:
    • Consolidated agent staffing.
    • The technology platform and infrastructure.
    • Management and specialized support staff such as workforce management. quality, and training.
  • Defining common customer data and information requirements, platforms and support staff.
  • Developing the business case with cost-benefits, risk analyses, and ROI’s (Return on Investments).
  • Designing organizational alignment and implementation strategies.
  • Re-designing consistent, standardized processes and workflows.

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