Our consulting methodology includes process optimization

Process Optimization

Our process optimization service offering focuses on understanding our client’s current customer contact business model, practices and procedures as well as the customer base, corporate vision and culture.

Process optimization involves identifying opportunities for both efficiency gains and increased customer satisfaction ad retention. Through automation and improved FCR (First Contact Resolution), consistency is optimized.

“As Is” processes are documented and “To Be” optimized processes are designed to incorporate both efficiency and an improved customer experience, This focus leads to “one and done” for a substantially improved customer experience and as well as improved efficiency and productivity.

Our contact center consulting services and expertise include:

  • Documenting the current “As Is” processes.
  • Documenting screen navigation/systems access.
  • Identifying opportunities for efficiencies and automation improvements by analyzing:
    • Customer touch points and “moments of truth”.
    • Points of failure/Incomplete handoffs.
    • Manual interventions and workarounds.
    • Redundant steps.
    • Escalation points.
  • Defining requirements for:
    • Self-service applications.
    • Information technology and CRM applications.
    • Agent information access/desktop.
    • On-line knowledge sources.
    • Agent training requirements.
    • Agent skills and progression requirements.
  • Designing “To Be” processes.
  • Designing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) processes.
  • Designing user acceptance criteria and piloting procedures.

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