Strategic Call Center Training Quality Management Consulting

Quality Management (QM)

Our quality management service offering focuses on designing, developing, and/or refining governance policies, standards, and programs for systems, analytics and reporting to significantly improve the customer experience for contact centers.

Our contact center consulting services and expertise include:

  • Conducting a detailed analysis of current customer satisfaction (CSAT) metrics and data for multi-channel contact centers.
  • Reviewing current QM programs, policies and procedures for performance improvement opportunities.
  • Developing and/or refining QM governance processes, standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Developing/designing evaluation procedures and forms.
  • Designing, developing, and leading calibration programs.
  • Developing and/or refining the customer survey process, including after-call (phone) and electronic (multi-channel) processes.
  • Designing procedures and metrics to link customer satisfaction ratings and internal QM evaluations by agent.
  • Developing the curriculum for QM Training for:
    • Agents.
    • QM Coaches, Supervisors & Managers.
  • Defining CoE’s (Centers of Excellence), responsibilities, roles, job descriptions and staff ratios for QM staff.

Our contact center consulting services and expertise include leading the development of business requirements for state-of-the-art QM technologies and application upgrades/new acquisitions:

  • Voice and screen capture/synchronized recording technology; multi-channel screen capture.
  • Speech analytics.
  • Performance management analytics, scorecards, and dashboards.
  • Integrated voice-electronic customer survey functionality.

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