Vendor Neutral Strategic Call Center Technology Consulting

Technology Evaluation

Kramer & Associates’ is an independent, vendor-neutral contact center consulting firm. We focus on strategies to improve the customer experience, increase loyalty and retention, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and integrate multiple channels. Our non-aligned business model provides our clients with an unbiased assessment.

Our technology evaluation begins by defining business requirements. The functionality of the existing contact center technology platform can then be evaluated against those requirements. This approach leverages the existing platform and provides a basis to determine a roadmap and timeline for any future functionality required based on gaps in the business requirements and budget.

Our contact center consulting services and technology/ application expertise include:

  • Multi-channel ACD/PBX.
  • Outbound Dialing & CTI functionality.
  • Back-office/Off-phone Work Integration.
  • Email Response & Automation.
  • Speech-enabled IVR Platforms.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Workforce Management/Optimization.
  • Quality Management Systems with Speech Analytics.
  • Performance Management Dashboards & Analytics.

Our services include:

  • Defining Business & Technical Requirements.
  • Evaluating Current Technology & Gaps.
  • Identifying Potential Products, Systems & Vendors.
  • Developing the Business Case.
  • Developing & Conducting RFI’s/RFP’s.
  • Developing ROI’s (Return on Investments).
  • Developing Weighted Scoring Criteria.
  • Developing Phased Timelines & Roadmaps.

Senior partners conduct our systems & technology analysis evaluations. They are subject matter experts in state-of-the art contact center technologies and applications. We are vendor-neutral and non-aligned, providing clients with an unbiased assessment.

Our approach leverages the existing platform and provides a timeline and roadmap for future acquisition based on client business requirements. “Thought leadership” is provided throughout the engagement, providing a unique value and the most effective level of knowledge transfer.

Kramer & Associates Vendor Neutral Review includes

  • Defining Business Systems Technology Requirements
  • Evaluating Current Technology and Systems Gaps
  • Identifying Potential Products and Systems
  • Developing the Business Case
  • Developing & Conducting RFI’s/RFP’s.
  • Developing ROI (Return on Investments)
  • Developing Weighted Scoring Criteria
  • Developing Phased Timelines and 3-5 year Roadmap.

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