Contact Center Consultants with Proven Expertise

Kramer & Associates is an independent, vendor-neutral contact center consulting firm. We have a proven track record of helping some of the world’s most respected contact centers achieve optimum performance.

We achieve measurable results through our proven and time-tested “Systems of Alignment”TM methodology. This is a comprehensive, fact-based approach to analyzing and assessing the complex interactions among people, process and technology.

Our Consulting Methodology is Our Key Differentiator

Our role as subject matter experts and “thought leaders” is to bring seasoned expertise to table. This ensures the fundamental soundness of the recommendations and the integrity of the data upon which the recommendations are based.

We begin by partnering with our clients in a collaborative approach, getting to know the people, the business, the processes, and the culture so that our recommendations represent the optimum combination of potential benefits, rewards, risks, costs and sustainable strategies for the short and long-term.

Our approach focuses on leveraging our client’s core competencies and strengths. The result is a recommended roadmap of practical and achievable customer-centric action steps. These recommendations are designed to enhance competitive advantage through service excellence, resource optimization and integrated omni-channel technology in a way that is cost-effective and works in your environment.

As an independent, vendor-neutral contact center consulting firm, our recommendations are based solely on your goals, requirements, and culture as well as best practices and our expertise in the field.

We use our expertise and the knowledge of our client’s environment to bridge the gaps between strategies and the tactics. This ensures the cultural practicality of our recommended action steps.

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