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Call Center Strategy Consulting Methodology

Best Practices & Benchmarking Gap Analyses

Checklist of information and data elements are provided to help clients  prepare for the engagement.   

Data Gathering & Call Center Observations

Data gather onsite  provides insight  into call center operations and procedures as well as opportunities for performance improvement.    

Side-by-Side Observations with Agents

Side-by-side observations of agent handling calls and contacts provides insight into the  customer experience as well as  process improvement opportunities. 

Stakeholder Interviews & Roundtables

Interviews are conducted with key stakeholders provides an opportunity to understand the client's culture and expectations for improvement.   

Sharing Thought Leadership & Best Practices

Throughout the engagement, we share  "Thought Leadership"  and "Best Practices"  with the project team and senior leadership. 

No Surprises Updates with Results

Our "No Surprises" approach includes regular update reviews.  This approach ensures that the project is on time and on budget and that the results envisioned with be achieved. 

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