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Benchmarking is foundational to identifying the specific metrics and processes needed to achieve sustained performance improvement and competitive advantage. The gap analysis identifies the difference between current performance and relevant industry levels.  Performance below desired standards are identified as the “gaps”. 

The Gap Analysis" compares current metrics to benchmark standards and and processes to "Best Practices".  

The "Gap Analysis" enables the organization to focus on specific action steps to improve,


The result is a recommended road map and timeline of action steps to close the gaps. with a cost-benefit analysis of the cost and benefits of closing the gaps.   


We have the expertise and experience to conduct and/or guide the data collection and ensure the integrity of that data. In addition to our analysis, our role is to guide the interpretation of data and to evaluate comparative metrics and best practices.  Through analyses, we identify the gaps. 

The following are examples of the major categories of metric and process data collected:

  • Customer experience metrics, such as satisfaction, loyalty, first contact resolution, average speed of answer, and response to resolution time.
  • Channel specific metrics for performance such as phone, email, chat, IVR, mobile, web, and social.
  • Self-service utilization to include IVR and web. 
  • Efficiency metrics such as agent utilization, contacts per hour, and cost per contact. 
  • Employee engagement metrics, such as ESat (Employee Satisfaction Surveys), attendance, turnover, and compensation comparisons. 

How We Conduct Benchmarking

Contact Center Consultants conduct the benchmarking engagement, which involves data gathering and analysis both onsite and offsite.  The results of the benchmark analysis report are then presented to the senior leadership team.  "Thought Leadership" and "Best Practices"  are provided to the project team throughout the engagement.   

This approach provides not only a unique value to our clients, but facilitates the most effective knowledge transfer as well.   

Our assessments are vendor neutral since we have no partnerships or business relationships with any other organizations.   This ensures that our clients receive unbiased advice based only on their needs and our expertise.  


  • Metrics and processes are identified for improvement, including target goals.
  • Best practices are identified.
  • Action steps, methods, and processes to increase efficiency and productivity are identified.

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