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Our quality management assessment offering focuses on a review of the governance processes, alignment of training and quality programs with organizational sales and service goals, the results being achieved, the technology being used to support the program, including voice and data analytics, and finally an analysis of the Voice of the Customer program.  


Customer Service Consultants offer Customer Engagement & "Voice of the Customer" programs.  Address gaps in customer feedback processes.  Current customer processes,  procedures, and tools are analyzed.  Customer service consultants analyze customer satisfaction survey and feedback results.

Contact center consultants analyze customer surveys, focus group reports, complaint logs and/or any other sources of customer feedback. 

Call center consultants deliver assessments of current customer service process with recommendations for Voice of the Customer improvement.  

Call center consultants report on addressing gaps in the customer feedback process.  Contact center consulting services deliver a road map, action steps, and timeline outlining a framework for implementing a robust Voice of the Customer Program.    

Contact Center consultants evaluate the quality management program in support of the customer survey and feedback processes.  

Customer service consultants develop a training program that specifically addresses quality management process gaps.   Customer Service  consultants design training to improve voice of the customer program and customer engagement.  Contact Center Consulting services use customer feedback to identify specific areas of the customer experience that need to be improved. 


Voice of the Customer/Quality Management Assessments are conducted onsite and involves evaluating five key functions. 

  • The governance process. That is, the extent to which the quality program is producing the desired level of customer engagement results across all touch points.
  • The alignment of the quality program components to achieve customer engagement, through policies, procedures, standards, training, and feedback programs.
  • The structure of the QM and VoC function. This consists of the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of each.
  • An evaluation of the QM technology, analytics, and reporting technologies, software and applications that support these processes. 
  • An analysis of the VoC (Voice of the Customer) results are compared to the desired output and correlated with the Quality Program inputs and outputs. 


  • Increased quality of the customer experience.
  • Improved customer engagement.
  • Increased employee service delivery performance. 
  • Improved net sales results.  

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