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Call center workforce consulting optimizes staffing through WFM/WFO technology assessments.  Call Center consultants offer assessments of the processes and procedures used to plan, staff. and schedule call center agents.  

Call center consultants assess the alignment and allocation of workforce resources/staff.  Workforce optimization balances best service levels at least cost.  

Call center consultants offer employee engagement assessments. Contact center consultants offer employee engagement assessments. 

Call Center Workforce Consultants offer workforce management, workforce optimization assessments. 

Contact Center Workforce Consultants offer workforce management, workforce optimization assessments. 

Call Center Workforce Consulting.


The result is a report with detailed recommendations for the best practices, technologies, and tools needed to improve overall performance.   


Our workforce optimization service offering focuses on designing and modeling innovative staffing options and leveraging WFM/WFO (Workforce Management/ Optimization) applications and technologies. 

Our expertise includes: 

  • Analyzing customer access, contact volume, staffing patterns, and staffing/contact projections,
  • Defining innovative multi-channel staffing options such as FT, PT, Flex,  Seasonal, Remote, and Staff Sharing.
  • Defining employee engagement strategies, including employee preferences to optimize multi-channel business requirements and employee needs. 
  • Leveraging the functionality of existing WFM/WFO applications.
  • RFI’s/RFP’s for evaluation and selection of new or upgrades to existing WFM/WFO applications.
  • Defining the optimum combination of benefits, rewards, risks, and costs to balance business requirements with employee needs for the best possible workforce configuration. 
  • Defining CoE’s (Centers of Excellence), responsibilities, roles, job descriptions and staff ratios for workforce planning, forecasting, scheduling, and intraday. 
  • Disaster recovery and staff planning.   


  • Improved agent productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased employee engagement. 
  • Decreased turnover;
  • Lower absenteeism. 
  • Increased customer engagement and response time. 

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